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Become and Become Junior magazines have been entertaining, informing and supporting young people in care for over 30 years.


Become (formerly known as Who Cares?) is the magazine for young people in care. It is 24 pages of topical, relevant content that will inspire young people and broaden their horizons. The magazine is aspirational for its readers, interviewing some of the brightest lights from entertainment, industry, the arts, and much more, to help young people in care understand that they can do great things with their lives.

Because Become is written exclusively for young people in care, we get to the heart of their challenges, their hopes, their dreams, and we support them in our pages to a more positive future.

Each magazine contains:

Inspirational stories from care

Celebrity interviews

Reviews and news

Problem pages

Legal advice

Careers inspiration

Recipes and independent living advice

and much more...


Prices and ordering

All prices refer to a one-year subscription. Contact or call 020 7251 3117 for more details or to discuss a quote.

1+ £17.50

2+ £15.80

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350+ £7.90


Become Junior

Become Junior (formally known as Who Cares? Junior) is the magazine for children in care. It is 12 pages of fun, exciting, informative entertainment for children aged 8-12. The magazine uses lots of pictures and wonderful bright colours, alongside accessible plain English, to tell stories, to inspire, and to give children in care something that is made exclusively for them, it belongs to them, and they are proud to read it.

Each magazine contains:

Stories from care




Problem pages


and much more...


Prices and Ordering

All prices refer to a one-year subscription. Contact or call 020 7251 3117 for more details or to discuss a quote. 

1+ £11.20

2+ £10.00

50+ £7.60

100+ £6.20

200+ £5.60

350+ £5.00

750+ £3.80