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What next?

You and your social worker will create your Pathway Plan. It sets out the support you need as you begin to live independently as well as the help you will receive for your education or training. This could cover the cost of books, equipment or travel. Knowing this information could make the difference between struggling to cope and getting the support that's rightfully yours.

What you want to do once you leave school will affect what goes into your Pathway Plan. That could mean you stay on at school, take an apprenticeship, become a trainee or go to college.

These can seem like massive decisions, so to help you are entitled to a Personal Adviser. They will help you plan the next step.

However, it is really important to remember that this isn't all that big a deal. This isn't about setting your future in stone. This is about listening to what you want to do and offering as much help, advice and financial support as possible so you can achieve those ambitions. If after six months, you change your mind or realise that whatever you've chosen isn't for you, no problem! The Pathway Plan can be easily changed.