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The Become Coaching Programme

Transform your life with the Become Coaching Programme

Do you want to take control of your life? Do you want a new direction in your life? Do you ever think that you deserve more out of life?

If so, then the Become Coaching Programme could help you create the life that you want.

Coaching helps you think about your life, so you can be ambitious for yourself and reach your potential.

Coaching isn't the same as having a counsellor, mentor, or adviser. In coaching, you take control of your own destiny, create goals for yourself, and learn how to live the life you want.

What you can do on the Become Coaching Programme

  • You can transform your life
  • You can feel good about yourself
  • You can be happier
  • You can learn how to build relationships
  • You can learn to recognise your own amazingness
  • You can find your purpose in life
  • You can turn your dreams into a reality

The Become Coaching Programme is free. It does not cost you anything to take part. We will even pay your expenses when you attend sessions.

If you're aged 16-25, care-experienced and live in or near London, then the Become Coaching Programme could be for you.