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Hopes and Dreams

Tell your MP your hopes and dreams for 2017

MPs (Members of Parliament) are people who make the laws and rules about people’s lives and how things work where you live. This includes rules about how care works, so we want you to tell your MP what’s important to YOU!

We’d like you to write a letter to your MP, telling them what you would like to happen in 2017. You can include things you’re hoping for, things about care that you would like to make better or change, or things that you would like to stay the same. MPs are not magicians, and they won’t be able to make change instantly, but let’s make sure they know what matters to you!

There are instructions to help you write your letter in the pack you can download below. You can decorate the letter, draw a picture of yourself, or something or someone who is important to you.

MPs get a lot of really boring post so make your letter stand out!

Hopes and Dreams
Download the Hopes and Dreams 2017 pack