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Ben is a young man who was moved around so many times in care – from foster family to foster family and one part of London to another – that he felt like an unwanted outsider for the whole of his childhood. His self-belief was so low that he wouldn’t wear a suit to interviews because he thought people would laugh at his presumptuousness.

He turned up at Become when he was 18. We worked with him in confidence building workshops and CV-writing sessions that explored his achievements, until he felt able to walk down the street wearing smart clothes and with his head held high. He now has a job and, with the help of the money-management workshops we arranged for him, he’s working within a weekly budget so he doesn’t get into debt.

He’s made friends here, too; other young care leavers who understand that feeling of not belonging and of almost constant struggle. Ben says that this peer support has been one of the most helpful things he’s gained from coming here. 

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Photo posed by a model; some details have been changed.