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I was in care from the age of three. I had so many foster carers, I can’t remember how many.

"In one place I lived, the bed was disgusting and they didn’t have sheets – I used to sleep on my jacket and cover myself with my cardigan. I was ten years old. Lonely, frightened, moving from place to place, thinking I would never make anything of my life. That was childhood, for me.

"I left care at 16 – I could have been celebrating exam results but I was thrown into a house with no bed, no fridge and no heating. I had no job, and no-one had talked to me about work or preparing for the future.

"I went to an event arranged by Become [then The Who Cares? Trust] and suddenly I wasn’t alone. It was like a light being switched on in my life – being connected with other people my age in similar situations. Throughout my whole life in care, I’d felt alone, and now there was a room full of us.

"The workshops they run for children and young people are amazing – they taught me how to manage my money and helped me get out of debt. That literally changed my life.

"They gave me the strength to look at my past and come to terms with it. The team are different to anyone else I’ve worked with – they don’t guess what you want, they ask you.

"I’m 24 now, studying at university and the proud mum of two boys who are doing really well. I’ve had opportunities I’d never have dreamed of, like meeting government ministers, speaking in front of huge meetings in parliament, and even presenting my own TV documentary!

“I honestly don’t know what I’d be without Become. They brought out the best in me when no one else could see it."

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