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Emily Grey (She/her) 

Corporate Fundraising Officer

What do you do at Become?

My position at Become is dedicated to creating, developing, and maximising relationships with our amazing corporate partners, who through their continued support, generosity and dedication enable Become to provide services and support to care experienced people, whilst raising awareness of the issues that care-experienced children and young people face.

Can you say a bit about your past experience and qualifications?

My career has always been people and relationship centric! The majority of my career has been in the corporate world of Talent Acquisition and HR, Personal Development and more recently Mental Health and Wellbeing. I have various qualifications including certificate in Recruitment Practice, ILM Level 3, Mental Health First Aider, and a Certified Menopause Wellbeing Practitioner. My own journey as a fellow care experienced person provides me firsthand experience and awareness of the importance of enabling care-experienced people to have the support and opportunities they deserve and am excited to utilise my varied experience, coupled with my passion to learn and develop to support Becomes valuable work.

What do you like about working at Become?

The team is amazing! Purpose is meaningless without people to share it with, and I love that everyone works together, sharing the same purpose and vision –  improving the lives of care experienced people.

What drives you? 

My purpose has always been to make a difference where I can, and help make the world a kinder, compassionate place, which drives me to live every day to its fullest, and by positive example! My care experience drives me to make a difference to the lives of care-experienced people by creating awareness and reducing stigma, advocating for change and for young people to be enabled and supported to heal, learn, develop and grow with champions in their corner so they can truly believe in themselves, and become who they aspire to be, not what society deems them to be.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

I enjoy time in nature whether that be running, hiking, walking or just sitting by the ocean! I love a challenge, and have participated in lots of events, including the National 3 Peaks & Yorkshire 3 Peaks, walked 100k continuously along the Jurassic coast, Brighton Marathon with more exciting challenges planned! I am super passionate about overall wellbeing and an advocate for encouraging our wellbeing in mind, body and soul.