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Khatija Hafesji 

What do you do in your role as trustee at Become?

I provide close scrutiny and challenge to ensure that Become is delivering its charitable purpose and is doing the very best for the children in care and care leavers which it represents and supports. To support Become to do this, I provide advice, training and guidance in my areas of expertise.

Can you say a bit about your relevant experience and qualifications?

I bring care experience along with extensive experience working with and advocating for children in care and care leavers.

I am a barrister at Monckton Chambers and a large proportion of my work involves representing children in care and care leavers. I challenge central government and local authorities to do better for the children in their care.

Prior to my work as a barrister, I graduated from the University of Cambridge with a degree in History, going on to work at the Cambridge Admissions Office and establish “Realise” a programme to encourage more children in care to consider higher education. I then spent three years working as an advocate for children in care with the charity “Coram Voice”, where I advised children on their rights and entitlements, ensured they were given a voice in important decisions affecting their lives, and supported children to challenge their local authorities through complaints or legal action.

What do you like about being a trustee at Become?

I have been a Trustee for 9 years, which means I must enjoy it very much! Become is one of the few organisations devoted to the interests of children in care and gives a voice to children who are too often voiceless. I relish the chance to support and push Become to do even better year on year.

What drives you?

The privilege that is the opportunity I have to support and advocate for vulnerable children at a time of crisis, but also the very clear knowledge that we as a society need to do so much better for children in care. More generally, I am motivated by a challenge!

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Rock climbing and knitting, but not at the same time…