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Pip Uden 

What do you do in your role as Trustee at Become? 

In my role as Trustee, I offer my own insight and suggestions to improve Become’s strategy. I like to share ideas and solve problems that the board and staff team may be struggling with, all to support the team’s mission to support young people in and leaving care.  

Can you say a bit about your relevant qualifications and experience? 

Firstly, I bring my lived experience as a young woman of colour growing up in the care of white extended relatives in Cornwall. Since being orphaned at the age of 13, I have had a unique experience of the care system and social services, which until now, I haven’t had the platform to share before. 

Secondly, as a recent graduate, I was an active student leader at the University of Exeter. I have won several awards for raising awareness about social mobility and amplifying the voices of marginalised students. I am also currently working for CoachBright, a social mobility charity that trains student volunteers to coach disadvantaged secondary school pupils. I have a strong understanding of how the odds are stacked against young people who don’t have access to resources that other young people have. 

Lastly, I love all things marketing and social media. Having interned at Unilever and at Exeter Cathedral, I am constantly developing my knowledge on how brands and organisations build their platforms and identify opportunities for growth, and am eager to bring this expertise to the table. 

What do you like about being a trustee at Become? 

So far, I am thrilled to be working with a team of people who are all deeply invested in the vision of Become. While I am encouraged to grow and think in different ways to solve the challenges Become will face over the coming years, I also like that I am able to share my lived experience without being questioned or judged.  

What drives you? 

I love to be creative, keep learning, and enjoy problem-solving to achieve the best outcomes, both for myself and the people I work with. I feel strongly led to uplift others while I am experiencing my own successes and achievements. 

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? 

I like doing a variety of things, including fixing up my home, writing and reading poetry, and I have most recently been making scrunchies on my new sewing machine! I’ve also been trying to take regular walks when I can. In pre-COVID times, I would enjoy going to the cinema with my partner and learning routines in tap-dancing classes. I miss going out for a meal with friends too!