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Rasheeda White (She/Her) 

Senior Advice and Support Officer

What do you do at Become? I work as part of the dedicated Services Team at Become, where I respond to calls and emails linked to the Care Advice Line. My priority, to provide a personalised and broad response to those seeking advice and support. To a range of inquiries and concerns associated with the national care system.


Additionally, I co deliver information sharing workshops, which provide a comprehensive overview of the legal rights and entitlements for young people leave care and take the first fundamental steps into independence.


Can you say a bit about your experience and qualifications? I have worked extensively throughout the educational, voluntary and youth sectors – London borough wide. Within the key roles of pastoral management, workshop facilitator, outreach development and lead practitioner. The aim, to influence positive and effective change for children and young people.


What do you like about working at Become? It is very clear that each member of the varied specialised teams within Become, are committed and driven to provide exceptional support, advice and a crucial platform for care experienced children and young people to succeed and influence.


What drives you? A purposeful, optimistic and solution focused mindset, with an ambition to facilitate innovative and impactful change.


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? I love creativity, photography, decorative art and enjoy watching documentary films. I thrive spending time with family and friends, preparing food and gardening.