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Scarlett Manley (She/Her) 

Advice and Support Assistant for Further and Higher Education

What do you do at Become?

I am Advice and Support Assistant for Further and Higher Education. This means I am part of a team which gives advice and guidance to current and future students who want to pursue education but don’t know what they are entitled to. We provide information which will allow young people to get the support they need through their universities or other services around them. 

Can you say a bit about your past experiences and qualifications?

I am a fellow care leaver who pursued education after the age of 25 which means I understand the obstacles our young people are facing as I have been there myself. I am currently studying Biomedical science at the University of Northampton. My journey into university was not easy as support from your PA stops at 25 and I didn’t have the A-levels I needed to pursue a career in biology, which means I had to take a longer route compared to my peers. However, even though my journey was longer, it was still achievable with the right support, which is what Become provides.

What do you like about working at Become?

Become understands the obstacles young people face and want to make young people’s lives easier by providing them with the information they are entitled to which they may have not known about. As a fellow care leaver, I know there are a lot of cracks in the care system so I wanted to be a part of an organisation that felt the same way and had the same outlook on the care system issues that I did. I like that young people are able to contact Become and have a safe space to talk about their needs and wants without discrimination or judgement. I like that Become offers a wide range of support, from education advice to a care advice line which is accessible whenever a young person feels like they need to talk to someone.

What drives you?

The idea that children are being placed in a broken system as we speak is what drives me to want to work somewhere where I can help change that and provide a better future for those children. 

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

I love art, I like to create animations of mine and others’ journeys through the care system, to show other care experienced people that they are not alone and their voices matter. 

I also love reading, long walks and listening to music.