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Terry Galloway 

What do you do in your role as trustee at Become?

I’m here as part of the board to ensure that the legacy that is Become is built upon to better the outcomes of children in care and care leavers. As part of the wider board, we look at strategy and utilise our experience to support the aims and objectives of the charity.

Can you say a bit about your relevant experience and qualifications? 

I grew up in the care system and lived in over 100 places, my life was chaotic and when we left care we were not very well supported. I’m a special guardian to my sister’s children which I had to battle for so I’ve a good understanding of the family courts.

Leaving care was not very good for me and my family and now I campaign for better transitions for children leaving the system. My main campaigning work is around the Local Offer for Care Leavers where I advise local authorities and politicians.

In my business I’ve set up an estate agency, and also later created a housing association to focus on care leavers, support and house building because there is a shortage of affordable sustainable accommodation.

What do you like about being a trustee at Become? 

I like the challenge and working with such a diverse committed team. I’m particularity excited by the influence Become has within government history through the APPG.

What drives you? 

My life started very badly, my family have had a hard time and my sister did not survive. I’m convinced that everything happens for a reason and my history is no exception. I want the suffering to end and outcomes for children leaving the care system to level up against their peers that have not been in care.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? 

I love travelling, culture, theatre and meeting new people.