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Our strategy 

Unleashing the potential of care-experienced young people.

Our strategy is informed by decades of listening to children in care and to adults who were in care.

We listen and learn in many ways: through talking to the children and young people we work with and the care-experienced people who advise us; through our Care Advice Service and our projects; through our research; and through running the APPG for Looked After Children.

We have a deep understanding of what it means to experience serious adversity in childhood, to be in care and to live your life after it – and of how care needs to change to give children the best chance of leading happy, successful lives.

Our CEO, Katharine Sacks-Jones, introduces our strategy here.  Find our strategy summary for young people here.

Our Strategic Aims for 2020-2025

Our values

Our values underpin every decision and action we take. We're committed to living these five everyday values.


We represent the experiences of children in care and young care leavers with honesty and integrity, and act in their best interests.


We listen to care-experienced people and we work in partnership with them to improve the experience of being in care and life after care.


We care about the young people we work with and we help the care system to be more like a good parent. We look after ourselves and after each other so we can be our best for young people.


We help children and young care leavers to be powerful agents of positive change in their own lives, in the care system and in society.


We are angry about the times when the care system and society let young people down, but ambitious, determined and optimistic about our ability to make things better.