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Grace Pinner Partnerships and Development Manager grace.pinner@becomecharity.org.uk

What do you do at Become? I have worked at Become for the past 6 years, initially managing our projects, including Passport to Parliament and Propel, as well as establishing our young people’s Advisory Board.  I now work developing partnerships and innovative new work, ensuring that we work effectively as part of the wider children’s sector, to have the greatest impact possible.   

Can you say a bit about your past experience and qualifications? I trained as a Jeweller before establishing a Fairtrade jewellery project in Tamil Nadu, India, providing fulfilling, skilled work to marginalised women.  Concurrently, I volunteered for various organisations in the UK supporting children and young adults.  I eventually combined my creativity and project management skills with my passion for supporting young people and worked managing delivery of the NCS programme for teenagers in South London, before joining Become in 2013.   

What do you like about working at Become? I am passionate about improving the experience of care, and life beyond, for children and young people, fighting for their right to a loving, fulfilling experience of childhood, adolescence and as young adults making their way in the world - being at Become allows me to do that.   

What drives you? try to live my life with tolerance and empathy for others. seek to be kind and tender in the way I treat everyone, and to be patient and conscientious in the way I do things.  attempt always to assume goodwill - believe everyone at the heart is good.  value generosity  and I try to give freely my time and my love. 

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? Spending lots of time outside and playing with my family – I have two small boys and a dog. I love camping, swimming in cold water, wood fires, long leisurely meals, going to galleries (and their cafes!) and making things