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Become responds to release of All Party Parliamentary Group for Children report

In response to the release of the final report of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Children’s Social Care Inquiry, Chloë Cockett, Policy and Research Manager at Become, said: “This is another report telling us that children who live in the care of the state are not receiving good enough care, and that the care they do receive is at the mercy of a postcode lottery. Time has come to stop discussing this issue, and to start doing something about it.

“Four years on from The Care Inquiry, which firmly stated that high quality relationships are strongly linked with good outcomes for children – we are still finding that conditions are not being put in place for relationships to flourish.

“This report clearly shows that children’s voices are not being heard when decisions about their daily lives are being made. This disempowers children, making it harder for them to bond with, and trust, those around them and in positions of authority.

“We cannot continue with a system that is too busy to communicate with, and listen to, those who should be benefiting from it. We need a stronger, happier, healthier, social care workforce, which will come from reduced caseloads and the time to give children in the care system the childhood that they deserve.”

You can download the full report, No Good Options: Report of the Inquiry into Children’s Social Care in England, from the NCB website.

Become responds to release of All Party Parliamentary Group for Children report

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