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Become responds to the care review in Scotland

Katharine Sacks-Jones, chief executive of Become, responds to the care review launched today in Scotland.

“The time, effort and dedication that has gone into Scotland’s care review is immediately apparent. It has got straight to the heart of some of the challenges and set out a clear vision for what good care should look like.

“The voices of care experienced people can be heard throughout. It is so much more than a document; it is a promise. A promise to every child in Scotland that they will get the care and support they need in a system that truly has their best interests at its core.

“Here in England, we need to make the same promise. We continue to call for urgent reform of the care system. I now hope that the government will see the great progress made in Scotland and commit to taking a similar approach.

“Time is of the essence. This review has never been more crucial than it is now.”

Become responds to the care review in Scotland

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