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All-Party Parliamentary Group 

We organise the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Care-Experienced Children and Young People (APPG).

What is the APPG for Care-Experienced Children and Young People?

We organise the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Care-Experienced Children and Young People (APPG). This helps us influence politicians and put forward suggestions for change in the system.

The APPG was established in 1998 and Become has acted as ‘secretariat’ of the group since then. This means we are responsible for the organisation of the group.

APPG meetings bring together lots of people with different personal and professional experiences, including those with lived experience of the care system, professionals and carers, representations organisations and others to share their expertise with decision makers in government, parliament and local authorities. 

The APPG also carries out ‘inquiries’ which look into specific issues in the care system and make recommendations to the government about how things can change.

2023:  Inquiry into Corporate Parenting  

The APPG for Care-Experienced Young People is launching an inquiry into the Government's proposals to extend corporate parenting duties.

An inquiry to consider which public bodies corporate parenting responsibilities should be extended to and what the reforms should look like. We want to gather the views and insights of care-experienced young people, and others, and share these with the Government to influence and inform the development of these reforms. 

2021: The Spotlight Inquiry 

The APPG launched the Spotlight Inquiry in 2021 which aimed to shine a light on the care system – or systems – across the country.

The inquiry explored themes of care and community, and we heard from care-experienced young people and adults, carers, professionals and others with an interest in improving the care system. The findings of the inquiry fed into the Independent Review of Children’s Social Care.

How can I get involved?

If you are interested in receiving updates from the APPG about future meetings and more, please subscribe to the mailing list using the link below.

Which Parliamentarians are involved with the APPG?

The current officers of the APPG as elected at the AGM in May 2023 are:

  • Steve McCabe MP: Chair
  • Tim Loughton MP: Vice Chair
  • Lucy Allan MP: Officer
  • Marie Rimmer MP: Officer
  • David Simmonds MP: Officer
  • Lord Watson of Invergowrie: Officer
  • Edward Timpson MP: Officer
  • Rachael Maskell MP: Officer
  • Munira Wilson MP: Officer
  • Wayne David MP: Officer
  • Kim Johnson MP: Officer

Previous Inquiries

APPG Minutes 

Read the meeting minutes for the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Care-Experienced Children and Young People (APPG).