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Care Day 

The third Friday of February is Care Day – the world’s biggest celebration of children and young people with care experience! We’ve been leading the campaign in England since the event first began in 2015.

2024: Care Day

Care Day 2024 is on 16 February, with Who Cares? Scotland, EPIC from Ireland, VOYPIC from Northern Ireland, and Voices of Children in Care Cymru. Join us in:

💜 Celebrating and connecting the care-experienced community

Ways you can get involved:

Encourage your MP to respond to our screening of two short films based on distance moves in care.  

On March 19, Become will be at the House of Lords to present a screening of our #GoneTooFar film, which asks members of the public how they would feel if they were moved far away from the people and places that matter to them.  

We’ll be joined by Hackney of Tomorrow, Hackney Council’s children in care council, who’ll also be showing their short film, Raw Gods, which follows a teenager in care the moment they are moved to somewhere they don’t know, miles from their family and friends, and the impact that has.   

We’ve invited MPs to attend the screening and this Care Day, we invite you to share our posts (Twitter/X, Instagram), tag your MP underneath or write to your MP to urge them to attend. Thank you. 

2023: What I want you to #KnowAboutCare

Our aim, in 2023, was to challenge common misconceptions about care and tackle the stigma and prejudice that care-experienced young people face by amplifying what young people themselves want YOU to #KnowAboutCare.

Over 360 people shared their #KnowAboutCare messages, reaching 2.1 million people.

Check out the gallery below to read some of the messages shared.

You can also search the #KnowAboutCare hashtag on Twitter.

Read messages from Kim, Matt, Shaunna, and Casey on what they want you to #KnowAboutCare...

Vision boards

We held a session, in the run-up to Care Day, with care-experienced young people to discuss the theme for Care Day 2023: What I want you to #KnowAboutCare.

As well as young people writing what they wanted others to #KnowAboutCare, Lucinda, Zahra and Cleo also made vision boards to creatively show what they want people to understand. We spoke about feeling out of place (represented by a pink puzzle piece on Zahra’s board). Other topics came up such as challenges, support, and fulfillment. 

Thanks to everyone who came along to the session!

Back in 2022...

Care Day is the world’s biggest celebration of children and young people with care experience and Become has been leading the campaign in England since it first began in 2015. It’s an event where the 5 Nations (Become, EPIC, VOYPIC, Who Cares? Scotland and Voices From Care Cymru) come together to celebrate care experienced children and young people, their stories and their achievements.

In 2022, the theme was: Together We Create Community

Care Day 2022 Events