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Care Day 2017

Become, the leading charity for children in care and care leavers in England, is asking people who work in the care system to reflect on the childhood they are providing for children and young people in care and care leavers, and the support they will continue to give to them, on Care Day 2017.

Care Day is taking place across the whole of the UK and Ireland with Become’s partners, Who Cares? Scotland, VOYPIC in Northern Ireland, EPIC in Ireland, and Voices from Care in Wales.

Natasha Finlayson, Chief Executive of Become, said: “Care Day is an opportunity for reflection, and a time for celebration. It’s a special day where we can remind everyone who is really at the heart of the care system, children.

“Many have experienced trauma and extreme adversity in their short lives, but first and foremost they are children. Every child has a different story, they have different fears and hopes and dreams for the future, and our work with them should reflect this. We need to be flexible so we can meet the needs of each individual, and that is why we are asking people to make their declaration of what they will do for children in care and care leavers this Care Day.

“We want you to share a want, a wish, a hope, or a dream, for the children that you devote your lives to supporting, and to share it on your social media channels for all to see.”

Download your Care Day placard from the Become website, and share it on your social media channels using the hashtag: #CareDay

Care Day 2017

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