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A young person becomes a care leaver at age 18.

Some young people may even leave care as early as 16 or 17 and live in independent or semi-independent accommodation.

Young people are supposed to be supported as they transition out of the care system, but all too often this doesn’t happen.

Care leavers that we support have described this time as ‘like being on death row, counting down the days’ until they turn 18 and their placements are abruptly stopped, and they fall off a ‘cliff-edge’. Too many are left completely alone to navigate early adulthood, having to manage a home and budget, as well as all other aspects of their life, without a family safety net to support them.

Through services like our Care Advice Line, we help young people to access the support they’re entitled to and grow and flourish in their adult lives.

Want to find out how you can help? Click the link below to read about the different ways that you can support young people to get the start in life they deserve:

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