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Being in care

Every child or young person who enters the care system is unique and has different needs.

The care system – specifically, the people who work in that system and provide care - have the power to change a child’s life for the better, giving them safety, security and opportunities they would not otherwise have had. For many, care does exactly that. However, too many children and young people describe growing up within a system that they see as inflexible, bureaucratic and lacking in ‘care’ itself. They can feel as though their own wishes and feelings are not taken into account, and may be moved from placement to placement with little notice.

Confidence and trust in adults can be severely damaged by poor communication and constant change. Their feelings of rejection at the loss of their birth family can be compounded when placements come to an end, or social workers move job.

There are several types of placement which children and young people might experience while under the care of a local authority. It is really important that children and young people’s views about the type of placement, who they live with and where they live are taken into account.

The main placement types are explored below.

"Thank you for being so kind. I think coming along to Become that day for the first time was one of the best things I ever did."
-Young care leaver