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Mental Health and Wellbeing 

At times we all face challenges in life that can impact our mental wellbeing. Below is a list of organisations that you can contact if you need support with your mental health and wellbeing.

Services for young people

Services for all ages


Useful Apps

Here are apps that may help support and improve your wellbeing You can download the apps for free from your app store.

Become's coaching

You can apply for our free 1-1 support and coaching people if you have a goal you would like to achieve but are struggling with sticking to it or would you just like some extra support to help you achieve it. 

Our team can support you in creating a thorough plan on how to reach your goal whilst identifying the areas stopping you. Through looking at self-sabotaging behaviours, your values and how they play a part and working around what works for you, we can support you to smash your goal and develop the tools to help you with others. Click here to apply for our 1-1 Coaching and Support Programme.  

 Contact [email protected]  for more information on coaching, or any of the organisations listed above.