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Become Players Triathlon

Enter the Become Players Triathlon this 16-19th Sep and game for children in care

Join the Become Players community and game for children in care.

Join our community of gamers and streamers and prepare to take on our next challenge, the #BecomePlayers Triathlon over 16-19th September 2021. Make friends and share tips on our discord and if you're a streamer, get involved to build your audience and raise vital funds for children in care.

Choose your trio of games wisely to draw in your audience and complete the Become Players Triathlon 2021. 

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Raise £25

Raise £25 in donations and you will earn the Become Players Triathon emblem for your stream.

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Raise £75

Go on to raise £75 and you will earn a Become Players certificate. Plus a stream emblem.

Become Players certificate

Raise £200

Reach an amazing £200 and you will earn a Become Players team jersey. Plus a stream emblem and certificate.

Become Players esports style jersey



Select your 3 games wisely, on any console or PC. You must play each during 16-19th September 2021 to complete the Triathlon. Can you keep your followers coming back?

You can split up your gaming over the 16-19th September to include breaks and rest. Most gamers will play each game for 3+ hours, but there is no minimum gaming time. Register below to receive your free fundraising pack full of tips and advice.




Visit our JustGiving Triathlon team page and click Start Fundraising to set up your page in 3 minutes. You're now ready for the Triathlon.

If you want to, you can edit your page with your own bio and fundraising target. If you're a streamer, you can link your stream directly onto your page.




Share your challenge with your community to build a buzz, raise more donations, and earn more rewards. If you're streaming, remember to include the link to your JustGiving page. 

Join us on discord and chat with your Become Players community, share streaming tips and advice. 

If you have any questions, email fundraising@becomecharity.org.uk


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Join the Become Players community and support each other

Watch this how-to guide by Become Players content creator, Average Mike, to help you set up your JustGiving page.

Thanks Mike!

Join Mike and the community on our Become Players discord. Make friends, ask questions and share tips. 



Why game for Become?
Collage of screenshot of gamers streaming on Twitch

There are 107,163 children and young people in care today in the UK. Our vision is that children who spend time in care have equal chances to lead a happy and fulfilling life to those who are raised in their birth families. 

But there is still a long way to go to close the gap in achievement and aspirations between children in care and their peers.

By joining #BecomePlayers you are helping to ensure that there’s someone at the end of the phone when a young person calls for help and that the voices of care-experienced young people are amplified and united to bring about the change they want to see in and around the care system.

Thank you to all our #BecomePlayers

Find out more about our work.

Register for free using the form above. Any questions? Ask us on discord or email fundraising@becomecharity.org.uk

You can play any game on any console you like. You might choose Fortnite on PC, FIFA on PlayStation, or Donkey Kong on Nintendo 64. The choice is yours.

You can even take it offline and have a marathon board game session.

Want to ask other gamers what they are going to play? Join us on discord

Play three different games during 16-19 September 2021.

There is no minimum playing time. You choose how long you game for. The hours can be split up over the weekend for breaks and rest. 

If you're attempting to play for a single long period of time, you will need to take breaks to rest your eyes, have some food, and get some fresh air. 

If it's getting too much, stop. 

Want to get some tips from other gamers? Join us on discord

Yes! Streaming your challenge on platforms such as Twitch, Facebook Gaming and YouTube Gaming is a great way to raise awareness and donations. 

Remember to post the link to your JustGiving page on your stream and encourage your audience to donate.

Join us on discord and get tips and advice on our dedicated streaming tips channel.

JustGiving have created a step-by-step guide for embedding your JustGiving page for Become directly onto your stream. 

Simply including the link to your JustGiving page on your stream is also good.

Remember to talk about your fundraising during your stream. Thank viewers for their donations and encourage others to help you reach your target.

Join us on discord and get tips and advice on our dedicated fundraising tips channel.

Many people will play solo, but others will play and fundraise as a team. You can fundraise as a duo on Fortnite, a party on Dota II, or even a guild on World of Warcraft. 

You can also play with someone in your household. If you're a carer or parent, think about teaming up with your child. If you're a young person, why not take this challenge on with your carer, parent or sibling?

Want to ask other gamers what they're going to do? Join us on discord

All donations made on your JustGiving page are forwarded directly to Become so you don't need to do anything.

If you're fundraising offline, you can transfer cash into a donation via our website or post a cheque. 

Contact Will on will.robinson@becomecharity.org.uk to receive all the info on how to donate offline.

We will be incredibly grateful for every pound you can raise for our charity and the young people we support.

If you raise £25 we will send you a Become Players Completes digital emblem which you can overlay on your stream. If you raise £75, we will also send you a Become Players certificate in the post acknowledging what you have done for us. If you raise £200, we will also send you a Become Players e-sports style jersey (we will ask you in advance what size you would like).  

If you share your social media handle with us, we will give you a big shout out to our wider community during your challenge. 

Join us on discord and increase your streaming audience by plugging your stream on our dedicated livestreams channel.

We understand that many people right now are not in a position to donate to charity.

We are here to support you to raise as much as you can. If you would like to chat through an idea, get in touch!

Email fundraising@becomecharity.org.uk or DM any charity admin on discord

There are no age restrictions but if you are under 18 you need to have permission from your parent(s) or the person(s) who cares for you. 

Maybe they'll want to do it with you!

We understand that everything should be done in moderation, including gaming. Breaks are encouraged during a gaming challenge and a marathon can be divided into segments. 

The Become Players marathon challenge runs over a weekend to minimise impact upon education. 

If you’re a carer or parent and want to learn how you can safeguard your children whilst gaming, see the Get Smart about P.L.A.Y campaign by visiting: 


You can get in touch with our fundraising team by emailing fundraising@becomecharity.org.uk or you can DM any charity admin on discord

Are you in? Download the Become Players resources below to help you raise donations.