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Birthday Fundraiser

Dedicate your birthday to young people with care-experience

Setting up a birthday fundraiser is an easy way to bring your friends together for a cause important to you, and to make a difference for children in care and young people with care-experience.

If you've had to cancel in person celebrations, how about setting up a birthday fundraiser instead? By asking friends and family to donate to Become for your birthday, you can help fund our urgent work to support young care-experienced people through and beyond the pandemic.

How to set up a birthday fundraiser:

1. Create your birthday fundraiser in 2 minutes by clicking here: www.facebook.com/fund/BecomeCharity

2. Personalise your page:

Add the word ‘birthday’ into the title, update the end date to after your birthday, and share what Become means to you. Explain why you’re passionate about supporting young care-experienced people to inspire your friends and family to donate. Not sure what to write? You can use our example.

3. Share on your feed:

Invite your friends, family and colleagues to donate by making sure everyone can see it. Thanking your friends publicly and sharing updates will help you fundraise even more.


a facebook message reading "thank you so much, this means a lot to me"
young woman lies on filed outside school

Why set up a fundraiser for Become?

Every year in the UK, nearly 11,000 young people leave the care system. Many are expected to leave care before they’re ready, and often with no ongoing support. Become wants to change this by campaigning to end the #CareCliff and by providing advice and support because we believe that care-experienced young people should have the same opportunity as anyone else to live happy, fulfiled lives. 

Find out more about our work.

Have any questions? You can get in touch with our team by emailing fundraising@becomecharity.org.uk

Don't use Facebook? You can find out about other ways to fundraise for us here.