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"If the care system was reimagined, I’d wish for every young care experienced person to get the support they need to make sense of their story. "


"It wasn’t until I came across Become that I found out that I was entitled to see my care records. Although I remembered most of my big life events, so many little details had been lost along the way that I felt like so much of my history was missing. I had a lot of questions.

When you’re moved around a lot it's difficult to make sense of everything and you don’t have one consistent adult to ask to fill in the details. Local authorities treat you like what you don’t know can’t hurt you but in reality, it’s what gets lost that's the most difficult.

When I did apply to have my records released to me it took three months to get hold of them and so much information had been redacted that I learnt almost nothing. What I could read was mostly about meetings that had taken place but there were no answers about important things like how I came to be in the system in the first place.

No one had prepared me for this and I didn’t feel comfortable taking up the local authority’s offer of support to talk it through. I was left feeling frustrated and alone with the knowledge that I might never know exactly what had happened."


"When you’re in care you’re so vulnerable that a lot gets kept from you, but as an adult I felt I had the right to know my own story."


"I wish that support would be made available to young people into their adulthood to learn who they are and make sense of their past so they can move forward and feel secure."


Jasmine, 25