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Virtual Marathon Series

Run Berlin, London, New York, Sydney, Athens, Tokyo

Winter Offer! Grab your fundraising place in the Virtual Marathon Series with Become for FREE today. Choose your Run and sign up now. Places are limited.

Any date 2020/21

Run Berlin

Inspired by one of Europe's great marathons, Run Berlin solo or as a team and earn this epic medal 

Any date 2020/21

Run London

Join team Become and you can Run London this October, or on another date that works for you

28th November 2020

Run New York

Virtually cross the Atlantic and take on the Run New York marathon

24th January 2021

Run Sydney

Sydney is calling and no flying needed. Virtually take on this Run Sydney marathon

21st February 2021

Run Athens

Inspired by the original marathon of Ancient Greece, you can Run Athens this February 

21st March 2021

Run Tokyo

Put a team together or take on Run Tokyo solo, the last of the Virtual Marathon Series

Run and Collect them all

Complete all 6 of the Virtual Marathon Series and collect all the medals. Alternatively, put together a team of 6, each complete a different marathon and each collect a piece of the puzzle!