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#ItsOurCare Day of Action 

A roundup of the #ItsOurCare Day of Action, which took place on 22 June

On 22 June, 100 brilliant care-experienced young people travelled to Parliament to speak directly with decision-makers about what needs to change and push for much-needed reform in the care system.

This Day of Action was part of the #ItsOurCare campaign, a joint campaign with seven children’s charities: Become, NSPCC, Action for Children, National Children’s Bureau, Coram Voice, Children’s Society, and Barnardos. 

We want to say a big thank you to all the care-experienced young people who took part in the Day of Action, and a special shout-out to the young people who attended with Become.

What happened? 

During the Day of Action, care-experienced young people had the opportunity to:

  • Join an #ItsOurCare rally and march to Westminster
  • Share their views on what needs to change with MPs in Westminster Hall
  • Encourage MPs to sign an #ItsOurCare pledge and take a photo
  • Take part in a roundtable meeting with the Children’s Commissioner, the Secretary of State for Education and the Chief Secretary of the Treasury.

Why did it happen? 

The Independent Review of Children’s Social Care, published in May, presented an opportunity for radical reform in the care system.  

Now, it is imperative that the government set out exactly how they will consult with care-experienced young people on these reforms. Listening to the views of those with lived experience is crucial to ensure the right changes are made to the care system.

It is time for the government to listen to young people.

Hear from Shaunna and Isabelle:

The Day of Action… in action!

Take a look at some of the fantastic photos from the Day of Action

Ready to Become the Movement? 

Your voice is key to making real change happen.

If you are feeling inspired by the Day of Action, and want to get involved with future opportunities to speak directly with decision-makers and change the system, now is the time to sign up to join the movement.