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Link-Up Poetry Special 

Join us on 2 August with poet Adisa the Verbaliser!

Who is Adisa the Verbaliser?

Adisa is a London-based poet who has performed across the UK and overseas. He has been a Hackney Poet Laureate and a winner of ‘New Performance Poet of the Year’. 

Here is a bit more about Adisa:

Adisa was born with a silver tongue and a head full of rhymes. He exploded onto the spoken word scene in 1993. 

His mango-flavoured metaphors and his larva-fuelled performances soon became legendary on the London performance poetry circuit. 

One year after taking his show on the road, Adisa landed first place in a National competition titled New Performance Poet of the Year. Benjamin Zephaniah, who was one of the judges said: 

“Adisa is the future. It’s so good to have something to look forward to.”

(Source: Authors Abroad)

Adisa will be sharing his poetry and inspiration, ideas and helpful poetry writing tips at Link-Up. If you are excited by poetry, an inspiring poet, or just want to have a go at putting pen to paper, this Link-Up is for you!

What is a Link-Up?

We host weekly online ‘Link-Ups’ for care-experienced young people aged 18+. Our Link-Ups are a virtual hang-out space where young people can come together to chat, develop a sense of community, and have fun together.

We often host Link-Up ‘specials’, which include Speakers Corner with guest speakers, a Pancake Day special, ‘Elf Yourself’ Christmas games, and much more.

Link-Up is always free to join, and you can sign up here

Link-Up Poetry Special 2 August
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