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Become joins 151 organisations calling on Government to put children at the heart of recovery

We are joining 151 organisations calling for the Government to put children and young people at the heart of the coronavirus response. 

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been widespread, affecting the lives of every child and young person in the country, with many children in care and care experienced young adults facing an especially difficult time. This generation of children face unprecedented threats to their childhoods and their transition into adult life.  

At Become, our Care Advice Line has heard from record numbers of children in care and young care leavers who are facing increased isolation, deteriorating mental health, hardship and homelessness. We are also seeing an increased level of need and a marked rise in cases where there are significant concerns about safety and wellbeing. 

Today’s joint statement calls on the Government to embrace a new vision of childhood and set out its solutions to the pressing issues facing all children and young people, including child poverty, mental health, and school closures. 

We’re encouraging care-experienced children and young adults to make their voices heard on social media, using #ChildrenAtTheHeart and #PowerOfYouth to share their experiences and hopes for the future. Join the campaign by sharing your priorities and using these hashtags on your favourite social media channels.