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When a young person leaves care, we forget the trauma that brought them there

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''The BBC published an article recently suggesting that care leavers are more likely to die in early adulthood than young people who aren’t care experienced.

The article highlighted something that must be addressed, but I wanted to put some context around the issues raised so that the information within the piece can help us to create better futures for care experienced young people.

Behind the headlines, I believe that young people in care, and young care leavers, face three major obstacles when it comes to a positive adulthood: a lack of support and the loneliness that goes with it; poor relationships with workers, carers, and their peers; and a lack of support overcoming pre-care trauma that they may have faced.

A history of poor relationships can be hugely damaging to young people who find themselves newly independent and without familial support to turn to. The Care Inquiry said in 2013 said that relationships were the golden thread that should run through care, and it was right. Relationships build us up, they create our support networks, and they ensure that we have someone to turn to as we celebrate our greatest achievements, and to commiserate over our deepest sorrows.''

Read the full article on Community Care here.