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Ofsted's National Social Care Conference 

A young person we work with, Jaymie, spoke at Ofsted's National Social Care Conference in January. Read more about the day below.

On January 10, Henri, our Participation Officer, took Jaymie, a young person in our network, to Milton Keynes to speak at Ofsted’s National Social Care Conference. Jaymie spoke with Matthew Brazier, Ofsted’s specialist advisor for looked after children about their work to regulate supported accommodation for 16–17-year-olds. Jaymie has been part of workshops over the past year with other care-experienced young people to develop the work.

It was so lovely to see Jaymie not only sharing his views, but also sharing views for young people in Lancashire’s children in care council to an audience of 350 inspectors.

The inspectors gave amazing feedback on the importance of hearing directly from young people who have lived experience of supported accommodation and valued Jaymie’s advice for inspections.

The key takeaways for inspectors to reflect on were:

  • How will inspectors embed youth voice and participation to ensure young people can feedback about their accommodation?
  • What should be the notice period to let supported accommodations know when an inspector is arriving?

Well done Jaymie and thank you for participating in this activity!

Ofsted’s National Social Care Conference

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