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Our latest photoshoot with young people 

Find out about our latest photoshoot with care-experienced young people for our new website.

As part of co-creating our new website, care-experienced young people told us how they didn’t see themselves represented in photography typically used to show ‘young people’, and they wanted images that were colourful, full of life and felt natural.

We wanted photos for our new website that felt ‘real’, not photoshopped or like stock imagery, but representative of the young people we support. 

In January, we put a callout out on our social media for care-experienced young people to help us produce and star in a photoshoot for our brand new website. 

We had a fantastic response and our photoshoot team met at Dehav Studios, Hackney in mid-February to shoot with Jessie Morgan, a brilliant care-experienced photographer.

The care-experienced photography team were involved with creative direction, and the focus was on creating a safe, fun environment where everyone could feel comfortable being photographed.

We want to say a big thank you to Rachele, Cory, Austin, Ozzy, Jasmine, Beth, Aaron and Zara for being such brilliant members of our photoshoot team. 

We also want to say thank you to Jessie for taking beautiful photographs and creating a space where everyone felt at ease. 

You can find the photos across our new website and our social media. If you would like to be involved with any future photoshoots, or creative work with Become, sign up to join the movement below:

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Our latest photoshoot with young people

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