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Propel yourself into the future

Propel, the website designed for care experienced young people looking to make informed choices about further and higher education, has now been relaunched for the 2018/19 academic year.

As well as information on courses, Propel allows care leavers to compare what else is offered by different institutions. This includes 365-day accommodation, additional funding, and whether the institution has a member of staff responsible for supporting students with experience of care.

The bespoke information provided for care experienced young people by Propel gives them the opportunity to make sure that their next step is the right step for them.

This year Propel has more educational institutions than ever sharing details of the support they offer care leavers.  Propel has now extended its reach to include data from 95% of universities and 64% of colleges in the UK – including 100% of higher and further education institutions in Scotland.

Natasha Finlayson, Chief Executive of Become, said: “It is important that care leavers are aware of the support available to them at higher and further education institutions so that they can make informed decisions about their education and futures.

“The Increase in institutions submitting this data to Propel has been extremely encouraging and we hope that more institutions will work with us to ensure that care leavers are fully informed and supported in their education journeys.”

Jimmy, who studied Human Geography at the University of Edinburgh, said: “When I applied to University, I ‘ticked the box’ to let them know that I had care experience. I did it in case I needed a bit of extra help that others get from their families.

“I had lots of friends who, if they were having a tough week at university, could go home to their parents for the weekend and have their washing done and food cooked.  It can feel quite exposing and isolating not having this option when everyone around you does, but knowing that the University were aware that I was care experienced helped to alleviate some of this concern.”

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Propel yourself into the future

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