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Reflecting on campaigning with #GoneTooFar 

One of our young campaigners has written a blog to reflect on their year campaigning with #GoneTooFar

It was amazing to not feel alone in my passion for change within the care system.

I am writing this article for the 1-year anniversary of the ‘Gone Too Far’ campaign. The ‘Gone Too Far’ campaign is requesting, that the government make it mandatory for Local Authorities across the UK to collect data; concerning why ‘Looked After Children’ are being moved too far from the places that they call home. Consequently, we are requesting for funding to fix the issues the data determines, ask the Local Authorities to commit to stop the unnecessary distance moves and ask for legislative changes to rectify this matter. I joined the ‘Gone Too Far’ campaign due to my personal experiences of being placed far from the place I call home. I am not against distance moves, if they are in the young person best interests. I feel that is not the case currently. I joined as I would like to be a part of the much-needed change.

I joined the campaign late compared to my care-experienced colleagues. However, that made no difference in the relationships built amongst the group. I met people who are made for greatness, compassionate and approachable. It was incredible to meet like-minded individuals. It was amazing to not feel alone in my passion for change within the care system.

We met with the children, families and wellbeing minster, David Johnston, and went to the Houses of Parliament. We presented two films to MPs to give them emotional and factual evidence of why this campaign is imperative. It was amazing to see where changes in legislation take place.

When we met with MPs, it felt refreshing to feel listened to by those who can make changes. We also went to the supreme court not for the campaign, but because we wanted to. I treasured this as it fed my passion for law. If not for Become, I would not have been able experience this. I am earnestly grateful for the opportunity. They were both really wholesome days. Become made it easy for us to get to and from our homes; by funding our trips and the food we needed. This made the day easily accessible and stress free.


Reflecting on campaigning with #GoneTooFar

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