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Response to A Snapshot of Modern Day Adoption

In response to the Adoption UK survey, A Snapshot of Modern Day Adoption, Dominic Stevenson, Public Affairs Manager at Become, said: “No child who comes into care, or is adopted from care, is bad. They are victims of abuse, trauma, and neglect.

“For some children in the care system, adoption offers the opportunity to experience stable family life for the first time. However, this report emphasises the need for well-funded, timely, and continuing support for adoptive families, as they in turn support children to heal from their pre-care experiences. Appropriate mental health care for children, as well as advice, guidance and training for adoptive parents, is crucial to ensure placements succeed and children thrive.

“Sadly, there is a severe lack of appropriate and accessible mental health support both for children who have been adopted, and the tens of thousands of children who continue to live within the care system. Thresholds for accessing Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) are extremely high, meaning many are in dire need before they can secure any kind of treatment.

“Adopting a child from care can be challenging, and we would expect local authorities to share full information about a child, and the challenges of adoption itself, with prospective adoptive parents before an adoption takes place. This would mean that prospective adoptive parents are better informed about the realities of adoption before they are approved to adopt. If this happens, then adoption can be the positive and fulfilling experience that many hope for.”

Response to A Snapshot of Modern Day Adoption

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