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Support factsheets for unaccompanied refugee children now available

The Who Cares? Trust, the leading charity for children and young people in care and care leavers, has today released three factsheets, translated into five languages, for workers and carers to use as a tool when supporting unaccompanied refugee children who are entering the UK.

Natasha Finlayson, Chief Executive of The Who Cares? Trust, said: “Some of the children and young people who have been living in the terrible conditions of the ‘jungle’ in Calais are now being supported to relocate to the UK, and a number of these children and young people will live in the care system. We believe that the care system should be a place where children and young people who cannot live at home can be safe, secure, and have the opportunity for a more positive future.

“That is why, given the tremendous challenges that these children and young people will face, we have produced and published three factsheets, The Name Game, All About The Money, and Pathway To Success, in Arabic, Kurdish, Pashto, Tigrinya, and Vietnamese. These are available free to download from our website and will be an invaluable resource for workers and carers who are supporting children and young people who may be alone and entering the UK, and for the children themselves.

“It is our hope that these factsheets will be as useful to children and young people who are brought to the country as they have been to those who are already living within the care system. Children are children and we will, as many other charities and the Government will be, working to ensure that those who do enter the care system receive the support they need to give their disrupted lives stability and to help them move forward from the circumstances which mean they have no choice but to not live at home.”

The factsheets are available to download from our website.

More details about the factsheets:

The Name Game looks at all the different people who work in children’s services who you might meet if you’re in care or a care leaver. It explains what different people do and how they can help you.

Pathway To Success looks at pathway plans, which are really important documents setting out what you want to do, what support you need and how your council will help you get it.

All About The Money, looks at financial support that’s available for care leavers aged 18 or over, including funds that you’re entitled to as well as sources of funding that you can apply for.

If you have any further questions about anything on these factsheets, or if you are a young person who doesn’t think you’re getting what you’re entitled to, you can call our Care Advice Line on 020 7017 8901 between 10.30am – 3pm from Monday to Friday.

Support factsheets for unaccompanied refugee children now available

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