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Become Players 

#BecomePlayers is a community of gamers & streamers helping to fund our services & campaigning for children in care and care-experienced young people. Will you join us?

Join our community and make a difference for care-experienced young people.

We’re a team of gamers and streamers taking on gaming challenges throughout the year. Join us to earn rewards & merch and raise the hype on Discord. If you’re a streamer, grow your audience and make an impact with your community.

Next event: Become Players Marathon

Choose your game and create your schedule. Play during 8-10 March 2024 to complete the Marathon and earn rewards.

Prepare to game

Here’s everything you need to join the community and be ready to take on our next gaming challenge.

Kally, Twitch Streamer 

"Any amount you fundraise is going to help Become massively to support care experienced young people! If you’re thinking about it but still need some advice, pop into the Discord and have a chat with some of the more experienced streamers/fundraisers"

Are you in? Enter our next challenge now and prepare to play