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Setting up your JustGiving page

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You can play any game on any console or PC. It’s your choice. You could even take it offline and have a board game session.

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Become Players challenges are for everyone, whether you’re a casual Xbox gamer, a beginner PC streamer, or a veteran multi-console content creator. You choose what games you play and how long you play for.

If you’re attempting to play for a single long period of time, you’ll need to take breaks to rest your eyes, have some food, and get some fresh air. 

If it’s getting too much, stop.

Yes! Streaming your challenge on platforms such as Twitch and Facebook Gaming is a great way to raise awareness and donations. 

If you’re not a streamer, that’s okay too! Streaming is optional. 

Join us on Discord to share tips and advice about getting started with streaming and growing your audience.

Many people will play solo, but others will play and fundraise as a team. You can fundraise as a duo, a squad, or even get your guild or clan together.

You can also play with someone in your household. If you’re a carer or parent, think about teaming up with your child. If you’re a young person, why not take this challenge on with your carer, parent or sibling?

All donations made on your JustGiving page are sent directly to Become so you don’t need to do anything.

If you’re fundraising offline, you can transfer cash into a donation via our website or post a cheque. 

Contact us [email protected] to receive all the info on how to donate offline.

We will be incredibly grateful for every pound you can raise for our charity and the young people we support.

You can also earn rewards by hitting fundraising targets during our challenges. £200 in donations earns you a Become Players team jersey.

Join us on Discord and increase your audience by posting when you go live on our dedicated livestreams channel.

If you don’t reach the target to earn the reward you want, you can take part in our next challenge and add up both your totals to reach that milestone.

We’re also here to support you to raise as much as you can. If you would like to chat through an idea, get in touch!

Email [email protected] or DM any charity admin on Discord

There are no age restrictions but if you are under 18 you need to have permission from your parent(s) or the person(s) who cares for you. 

Maybe they’ll want to do it with you!

If you want to learn how to keep yourself or a loved one safe while gaming, see Childline’s Top Tips and the Get Smart about P.L.A.Y campaign.

You can get in touch with our fundraising team by emailing [email protected] or you can DM any charity admin on Discord

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