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Kate Somerville Become 

Transforming Lives To #DefyImpossible

Founder, Kate’s lifelong journey is one of defying expectations, never giving up, and never accepting impossible.

Having grown up in a family of addiction, Kate knows first-hand the adversity and chaos it creates in a person’s life, how it can break up families, and deeply affect young people trying to find their way in the world. In college, Kate found a mentor who offered her unconditional support and empowered her to believe in herself and her dreams. Kate understands the power of having a helping hand and is committed to supporting care leavers as they age out of the system, providing advice, coaching, and support to help make their dreams possible.

Now, Kate Somerville Skincare lives, breathes, and embodies the intersection of clinical skincare and prestige beauty. Whether treating a VIP client in the clinic or delivering results from the comfort of home through her prestige product line, Kate truly believes that everyone deserves beautiful skin and promises to help you get there.

Their Commitment

Kate Somerville promises to champion young care experienced individuals, giving them the support, belief, and opportunities, they need to make their dreams possible.

Partnering with Become, they will provide funding to help empower young care experienced people with the next important step in their lives, ultimately setting them on a path to help make their dreams possible.

Annually they have committed to:

  • Help Become provide advice, coaching and career support to 130 young people in care and young care leavers
  • Donate £25,000 in the next twelve months to support care-experienced young people.

Throughout this partnership as part of the #ImPOSSIBLE series, we will be sharing stories which celebrate success and Defy the Impossible.

Meet our Trustee Pip: From Impossible to I’m Possible

Pip was 12 years old when her mum died and she and her younger brother were taken into the care of extended relatives, in an arrangement often known as kinship care. Not long after, her father passed away.  

Despite the challenges, Pip excelled at her exams at school and college before going on to achieve a first-class degree in English and Drama at the University of Exeter. It was at university that Pip became an advocate for working-class students, students of colour, and care-experienced and estranged students. Pip’s commitment to justice has won her several awards and led her to join our Board of Trustees at Become. More recently, Pip has accepted a place in Unilever’s Future Leaders Programme. 

Pip is thrilled to partner with Kate Somerville in engaging and supporting care-experienced young people to pursue and achieve their dreams. Pip is hopeful that more care-experienced young people will feel seen, heard and supported through this partnership. 

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