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Join our fundraising focus group  

Join us for a one hour focus group at 6pm on 26th April and help to create our new fundraising campaign for regular givers.

Did you know?

Become is a charity and all of our services and campaigning is funded entirely by voluntary donations from people and organisations. Nearly 200 people donate to Become on a monthly basis – we call these awesome people ‘Regular Givers’. We want your help during this focus group to help us decide how to motivate more people to become Regular Givers.

You don’t need to be an expert!

As long as you’re care-experienced and aged 16-25, we want you to join our focus group, share your views, and get paid £11.95 per hour. We will pay two hours work for joining this focus group. The session will only be 90 minutes, but we’ll send you a couple of short emails in advance to read beforehand.

A little more info

At Become, we have nearly 200 donors who give every month to support our services. We want to grow this community so we can raise more money and engage our supporters in a new and exciting way.

We want to get the views and thoughts of care-experienced people aged 16-25  to see what YOU think about our upcoming regular giving campaign. The session will run as follows:

  • Introduction to fundraising at Become
  • Present to you three ideas for our new campaign
  • Chat about your thoughts & feelings around these three ideas.

This will help us to build a better picture of what fundraising should look like at Become. If we increase the number of our Regular Givers from 200 to 400, that success will partly because of your guidance!

The focus group will be on 26th April at 6pm with Alicia and Kirsten. Eight places are available.

If you would like to be on our fundraising focus group, please complete the form below.

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