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Become someone to rely on 

In England alone, 82,170 children were in care as at 31st March 2022.

Lots of young people flourish in care, with loving, supportive carers and professionals who go the extra mile. But too many don’t. Each year, thousands of young people leave care. At just 16, 17 or 18, they often find themselves living alone, frequently with no support.

Young people like Joe, who leave care at 18 without the support they need.  Often, they’ll end up in cold, unsuitable. Others will find themselves homeless.

You can help answer calls from a young person like Joe, opening the door to the ongoing support they need to transition into adulthood, with a gift of £5 a month. 

Will you give £5 a month now and show that you care about young people? Together, we can change lives. 

Our Mission and Impact

Our mission is to help children in care and young care leavers to believe in themselves and to heal, grow and unleash their potential. We work alongside them to make the care system the best it can be.

Our vision is that care-experienced people have the same chances as everyone else to live happy, fulfilled lives.

We impact the lives of young people in care and care leavers in lots of different ways.

We provide advice and support, influence policy and practice, help guide the lives of young people in care and care leavers, enable them to achieve their education aspirations and train professionals that work with young people.

Young people shape our work, and we give them a valuable platform to speak from.

Support young care experienced people your way...