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The Care System 

Rachel wrote 'The Care System' during a Poetry Special Link-Up about her story and experience in the care system.

The Care System

By Rachel Crerar


My parents were born into the care system

No love, understanding, just victims

The generational trauma of a broken system

Continues on because I am in the system


I witnessed abuse in care

At 13 I went to child protection to share

I knew this was wrong and they had to be aware

Kids weren’t safe and it was so unfair


At 16 I left care traumatised

Independent living, the council authorised

Abusing drugs, more trauma, I was demoralised

Then I had enough and I prioritised


I had the resilience and experience

Worked in a mental health hospital, it was serious

I could see but others were oblivious

I needed an education to be taken serious


I don’t want to bury any more friends

We all deserved a better end

We must turn a corner, not go round the bend

It’s a broken system we can mend


Last year I tried to get an education

My corporate parents never followed legislation

Costing the taxpayer thousands in taxation

And telling me I can’t get the qualification


When will all this stop?

It needs to be taken to the top

Rachel, age 11 

Rachel, age 13 

Rachel, age 22 

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The Care System – a Poem by Rachel
2 responses

  1. Carole Chisholm says:

    April 12, 2022 at 11:29 pm

    And yet look who you are becoming with just a little education, a little support and a little belief. Just imagine who you can become by continuing to follow your dreams and aspirations.
    Keep going, I believe you can make the changes you want by continuing to make the ripples that grow momentum xx

  2. Melanie says:

    April 21, 2022 at 4:41 pm

    Keep writing Rachel. You have a powerful voice x

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