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The ideal care experience poem

For most of us, the care experience is turbulent from the very beginning and it continues up until the end at 18 years of age.

Being moved from place to place and always starting over, while also having to adjust, to the new surroundings and the short term care received by every single adult around.

Those unlike a care-experienced person think that we are all living like the character Tracy Beaker and those kids in The Dumping Ground residential home on CBBC,

They don’t understand that things are very different, for each and every one of us.

We wish for more education, for the next generation to be involved with the decisions that will directly impact them and for there to be a visual difference within the overall care experience and that is the end of the poem.

– Rachele-Leah, care leaver

#WhatLeavingCareShouldBe – Rachele-Leah

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