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Welcome to Care Day 2017!

On this page you will find everything you need to know to get involved with this year’s #CareDay celebrations on Friday 17 February.

Care Day is a joint initiative between children’s charities across the whole of the UK under the 5 Nations 1 Voice Alliance. Become, the national charity for children and young people in care and young care leavers is leading this annual event in England, alongside Who Cares? Scotland, VOYPIC in Northern Ireland, EPIC in Ireland and Voices from Care in Wales.

This Care Day, Friday 17 February, is an opportunity to reflect on the childhood we are providing for children and young people in care, and the support we give them to move towards successful and fulfilled future lives. It is also a time to celebrate the achievements of children and young people in care as well as raise awareness of some of the issues they may encounter in childhood and beyond. That’s why throughout Care Day we will be hearing directly from young people on social media about their experiences of care. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to hear what they have to say.


We need your help to make Care Day a success!

That is why we are asking you to consider what you want for children in care and care leavers during 2017 – and write it on the downloadable placard (click the 'Download Placard' button at the bottom of this page). 

Your message could be anything from a general wish for their happiness and security, a commitment to an action that you will take in 2017, or more specific aspirations such as enabling them to go to university without the burden of tuition fees. It could just be a simple reaffirming of your support to care-experienced young people.

Once you have written your placard please tweet it to @BecomeCharity and use the hashtag #CareDay

By writing your aspirations and wishes for this group on this placard, and sharing it on social media, you will be joining others across the country in pledging your support for children in care and young care leavers.

Thank you for taking part and don’t forget to keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram throughout Care Day this Friday 17 February!