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Corporate partnerships 

Our experienced team can help tailor a partnership to your needs

Shaping partnerships making a real difference to care experienced young people.

Whether it’s employee fundraising and engagement, commercial opportunities or one-off events, we’ll work closely alongside your teams to develop a mutually-beneficial partnership. This will help our team provide holistic services helping young people unleash their potential.

Why Become?

Each year, over 90,000 children and young people spend time in care in the UK. That’s 90,000 children and young people taken away from their homes because it is not safe for them to be there. Who have experienced abuse, neglect, or family breakdown. Who have to move – often multiple times, to another new family, another new bedroom, maybe another new school.

Lots of young people flourish in care, with loving, supportive carers and professionals who go the extra mile. But too many don’t. Each year, thousands of young people leave care. At just 16, 17 or 18, they often find themselves living alone, frequently with little support.

That’s where Become comes in.

Your support will make a real difference to the life chances of some of the most vulnerable young people in our community. Everything we do – from our  Coaching Programme to Link Up, to Propel to our working with professionals – it’s all about helping care-experienced children and young people unleash their potential and take control of their lives. We are so grateful to our corporate partners.

Why become our corporate partner?

Partnering with Become brings staff together and helps boost morale and motivation – it shows your customers that your business is committed to driving change. Everyone’s a winner!

  • A dedicated corporate team
  • We listen to your strategic needs
  • Training opportunities for employees
  • Workplace fundraising support

We work collaboratively with our partners to help change the system for children in care and care experienced young people because we know the only way to be there to support young people and make a real difference in their lives is to do it with you at our side.

How your business can help:

Make us your Charity of the Year and we will work with you to build a jam packed calendar of engagement and fundraising events.  Imagine, staff fundraising, challenges, quizzes and more fun than you can shake a stick at! Whether you have a team of daredevils ready to take on exciting challenges, or some budding Mary Berry’s who can bake up a storm – we will be there all the way to provide bespoke account management, as well as support, inspiration, regular updates and ideas to help you smash your fundraising targets.

By choosing Become as your Charity of the Year you are choosing to fund our vital services, so we can be there for every care-experienced young person who needs us.

If you’re a no fuss and nonsense sort of business who want to make a big impact without baking cakes or running a marathon, then this is the way to go.

Donations make a MASSIVE difference to our work and they mean that we can be there for every young person who needs us.

Sponsoring our events, campaigns and resources can enhance your corporate image, provide positive PR for your company and help you reach a larger and more targeted audience, what’s not to love? Talk to our corporate team about our current sponsorship opportunities.

As well as donating much-needed funds, many of our corporate partners support us with their time, skills and resources. We are always hugely grateful when they do, as they make a valuable contribution to our work.

We offer a range of training resources for professional development and employers and can link you up with our amazing Training Team to see how we can support you.

Another fantastic way to support the young people we stand shoulder to shoulder with is through payroll giving (Give As You Earn ‘GAYE’). This method is a super easy and flexible way to donate to Become through your salary.

With payroll giving, your gift is taken before you pay any tax – meaning that with a gift of £10 we will receive at least £10.18 and as much as £12.50 depending on your tax band. Everyone benefits.

Contact us

If you think you could can help care-experienced children and young people unleash their potential, then you’re in the right place. Talk to our dedicated corporate team today about building a unique partnership that  meets your strategic needs.  You can fundraise or donate to change lives. Scroll to see how your business can support Become.

Already interested and want to know more? Say hello!

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