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Become the movement 

Your voice is key to making real change happen.

What do we want to change?

Some young people have good experiences of the care system, but they are too few.

‘Care’ should provide the opportunity to take a breath in a safe environment. But many tell us they enter care feeling overwhelmed and isolated, only to be let down by the system that should look after them. 

They say they struggle to get the support they’re legally entitled to, having to fight for a safe roof over their heads, for money, clothes, bedding, and necessities.

Children in care rarely get favours or leg-ups. When they succeed it is often despite the system, not because of it. 

This must change.

Changing the system

We work shoulder to shoulder with care-experienced young people to create change.

Your expertise is incredibly important, and we want to create opportunities where your views can be shared directly with decision-makers to improve and challenge systems and structures.

How do we change it?

How can you help? 

We want to create a brighter tomorrow for you, challenging the system and campaigning for change, and holding to account the people and organisations responsible for supporting children in care, like local authorities or policy makers who shape laws. The most meaningful way we can do this is with your expertise.

Stand with care-experienced young people – help us campaign for change