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Kirsten Graver (She/Her) 

Digital Communications Officer

What do you do at Become? 

At Become, I work in the Policy, Communications and Campaigns team.  

My main focus is to communicate with our young people, supporters and other audiences to raise awareness of Become’s campaigns, services and other work. I lead on our website, social media and participation newsletter and work with young people to tell their story through our digital platforms.  


Can you say a bit about your past experiences and qualifications? 

Previously I worked at the RECLAIM Project in Manchester, which is a small charity that works with young working-class people. I loved it there and the experience taught me a lot in campaigns, communications and youth work.  

I really enjoy campaigning. I worked on a sweatshop-free electronics campaign with People & Planet and was President of the Green society during my time at university.  

Outside of work, I am currently working on a campaign on rights for young workers. If you would like to be involved, please get in touch.  


What do you like about working at Become? 

I know that we are making a difference towards issues facing care-experienced young people and I like working with such a friendly and helpful team with similar values. 


What drives you? 

“I was born here more than 60 years ago. I’m not going to live another 60 years. You always told me that it’s going to take time. It’s taken my father’s time, my mother’s time, my uncle’s time, my brothers’ and my sisters’ time, my nieces and my nephew’s time. How much time do you want for your progress?” – James Baldwin 


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? 

I love listening to music (especially RnB) and visiting different places – both help to remind me we’re only human 🙂