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Simone Connolly 

Policy and Public Affairs Officer

What do you do? I am the Policy and Public Affairs Officer at Become. I focus on solidifying and communicating our policy positions and explore new ways to engage with policy-makers, local and national, to amplify the voice of Become and care-experienced young people. I make sure that policymakers hear and understand the critical mission and message of Become – which – as with all strands of Become’s work – is informed by the insight and views of care-experienced young people.

Can you say a bit about your past experiences and qualifications? I studied Philosophy with Human Rights at the University of Essex, graduating amidst the outbreak of Covid-19.

Before joining Become, I have a background in a Public Affairs and Communications agency based in London working with a range of clients across various industries and sectors, though I specialise in health and education policy.

What do you like about working at Become? The commitment to genuinely represent and honour the views and needs of care-experienced young people in all the work that we do.

What drives you? I want to give back and contribute to much needed care, support and resource to those who are most in need. Become’s purpose is something that is extremely close to my heart and I hope to improve, in any way, the care-experience for children and young people.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? Beyond usual socialising and fun, I enjoy writing and sometimes dip my toe in creatively writing – poems, short prose, lyrics etc but these rarely meet the eyes of any but mine and live firmly in my notes app, for now at least.