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Solution- Focused Approach 

About our latest training course for professionals and carers of care-experienced young people

Are you looking for a new approach to working with care-experienced young people? 

Our training team has recently developed a new course: Using a Solution-Focused Approach with Care-Experienced Young People. 

A solution-focused approach has become a popular tool for working with care experienced young people. This approach is based on the premise that individuals already possess the strengths and resources to solve their own problems. The aim of the approach is to help young people identify and build upon their strengths in order to make positive changes in their lives.  

A solution-focused approach is used to increase self-efficacy in young people, helping them to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to better cope with life’s challenges. It is based on the idea that solutions are more important than problems, and that individuals can create solutions through dialogue and collaboration.  

The approach is also used to identify and strengthen the resources and supports young people already have in their lives. Solution focused approach is based on the idea that young people already have the skills and resources to solve their own problems.  

Through this approach, practitioners encourage young people to focus on their strengths and successes rather than their difficulties or deficits. Practitioners also focus on setting goals and creating action plans to help young people move towards their desired future. Solution focused approach is an effective way of working with care experienced young people as it is non-judgmental and based on the idea that individuals have the capacity to change and improve their own lives. 

Email [email protected] for more information about solution-focused training for your team. 

About our Solution-Focused Approach training course

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