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Our response to Government’s reform strategy for the care system

In response to the Care Review, the Government has set out its strategy for reforming the care system in ‘Stable Homes, Built on Love‘.

Following consultation with care-experienced young people, we have responded to the consultation on the Government’s proposals. You can read our response to the Government’s reform strategy here.

Our view

The Government has set out an ambitious vision to put love and stability at the heart of children’s social care, but their proposed implementation plan is lacking the urgent action and investment needed to make this vision a reality.

There are elements of the Government’s plans that will make a difference, including steps in the right direction to #EndTheCareCliff of support that young people leaving the system experience. But there is little in the Government’s strategy to tackle the big issue of instability in the system, which currently sees 7 in 10 children in care experiencing a change in home, school, or social worker each year – and 16- and 17-year-olds will still not be getting the care they deserve.

Behind the Government’s words sit plans that will take a long time to be implemented and, in the meantime, the proposed small-scale pilots and limited resources will not bring the urgent change needed for children in the care system right now.

Read our response to the Government’s reform strategy here.


National framework and dashboard for the care system

As part of its reform strategy, the Government has drafted a national framework and dashboard for children’s social care to set a clearer national direction for the care system.

We have responded to the consultation on the national framework and dashboard. You can read our response to this consultation here.